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Go On, Take the Money and Run

If you buy e-books through Amazon, you’re familiar with the option “send a free sample”.  Rather than buying the book up front, Amazon sends the first 5% to your e-reader as a teaser.  The sample cuts off abruptly (sometimes mid-sentence), … Continue reading

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Old-World Charming

One of my favorite musicals is “Brigadoon”.  The original production dates a long way back; to 1947.  Brigadoon tells the tale of two Americans traveling in the Scottish Highlands.  A town quietly appears to them through the fog: charming, simple … Continue reading

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The church we belong to has an interesting element in its design; something I have not seen since my childhood.  It’s called a “cry room”.  A cry room is a small, enclosed, soundproofed space adjacent to a more public space … Continue reading

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Watch out.  I’m about to ruin your theater-going experience.  If you want to enjoy your movies without the nagging of my detail-oriented world, do not read any further.  You have been warned. I am one of those who can’t help … Continue reading

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