Three hundred posts suggest I have something to say…

This blog was born from a desire to elevate the English language, highlighting the eloquent words of days gone by. The stories I share are snippets of life itself and each comes with a bonus: a dusted-off word I hope you’ll go on to use more often. Read Deutschland-ish Improvements to learn about my backyard Europe-inspired wish list.  Try Slush Fun for the throwback years of the 7-Eleven convenience store.  Drink in Iced Coffee to discover the plight of the rural French cafe. Or, for humor at my expense, read Late Night Racquet Sports to see how I handled a recent moth invasion.

As Walt Whitman put it, “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” Here then, my verse. Welcome to Life In A Word.

3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Good catch, Margy. Do you mean a hyperlink at the end of my “About” description? I do notice your link shows up (sometimes) below your Gravatar in comments.


      1. If you go to your dashboard – Users – My Profile – and scroll down to ‘Profile Links’: That is where you can add your blog site link. I know some people also add Facebook or Twitter or Instagram links if they are open to the public.

        If you keep these links updated, then your comments on other blogs will always show a Gravatar with current info.



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