Feast of Family

  • The turkey reminds me of my father-in-law, who always assumed the carving duties and insisted all dinners begin precisely at the top of the hour.
  • The dressing reminds me of my mother-in-law, who insists you taste-test as you go to make her meal-in-itself recipe just right.
  • The whipped cream reminds me of my son, who would top off his pie and then tip the can directly into his mouth for a second helping.
  • The crescent rolls remind me of my other son, who never lets the meal go forward without them.
  • The sweet potatoes (in scooped-out oranges) remind me of my daughter, whose version is best described as a work in progress.
  • The Waldorf salad reminds me of my dear mother, whose recipe – as I discovered years later – is notably different than the one served at the famous New York City hotel.
  • The mincemeat pie reminds me of my dear father, with whom I was the only family member to indulge in this carb-laden throwback treat.
  • … and finally, the pumpkin pie reminds me of my beautiful wife, who always doubles the spices to make the dessert (and everything else about the meal) twice as nice.

Today reminds me of the bounty of family and friends; a Thursday best spent with those you love (instead of reading blog posts).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Dave

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12 thoughts on “Feast of Family”

  1. Your feast sounds wonderful Dave. As a person who has zero family members, I can only recall the nice Thanksgiving dinners of yesteryear as I no longer partake in them. My simple crockpot meal had to suffice. My mom loved mincemeat pie. Around July every year, she would buy a Nonesuch Mincemeat filling in a tall jar and half the jar, filling it up with rum. My mom did not drink, but those tarts were strong enough to nearly knock you out by the time Christmas rolled around.

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    1. My mince pies have become “tarts” since nobody else at our table is drawn to them. I cut and then fold the pie crust towards the middle before I bake it, to make a smaller, almost individual dessert. And the Nonesuch is the best brand hands-down – no added rum necessary!

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      1. In later years when it was only my mom and me, she began making just tarts as that type of pie gets soggy on the bottom as you know. Mom made a cream cheese crust for her tarts – it melted in your mouth. I like your idea though. It’s funny … my mom didn’t drink any type of alcohol as she was on many meds, but she sure was not stingy with the rum, which was purchased just for those tarts – the aroma would knock your socks off!

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  2. I love this post. I’ve kind of gone down memory lane with you. I’d forgotten about sweet potatoes served in scooped-out oranges with miniature marshmallows on them. I want to make them now. And I want some mincemeat pie, I love it but it is difficult to come by. I hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one!

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  3. What a great idea, Dave, to let the traditional fare of the family’s Thanksgiving dinner take you into delightful reminisces of the past. Your sweet potatoes in scooped out oranges sounds like a lovely and delicious addition to the meal! Never heard of sweet potatoes being served that way.


  4. I loved this, the way these treats reminded you of those in your life. My father’s family always did the sweet potatoes in orange shells. Marianne’s family served them on pineapple rings. We have to negotiate how we will do sweet potatoes from year to year.

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